We are WEB3 enthusiasts
offer Blockchain development services

We are specialized on NEAR, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon,
Matic and Solana networks with great UI/UX
and full-stack experience.

About Us

We work with top Blockchains



Binance Smart Chain


Aptos (soon)

SUI (soon)

We use our expertise from both the cryptocurrency and web-development service industry to solve the biggest problems in crypto and build rich dApps. Our engineering team builds innovative solutions that provide the level of security and trust to meet client expectations.

We also run research and engineering for our customers. If you are planning a project and want to benefit from our expertise simply send us a message.

High Availability

We build decentralised solutions and use Docker for backend infrastructure to distribute across multiple clouds with automated failover.

Diligenced by The Best

We use: NodeJS, Solidity, Rust and Move. Hardhat, Ethers.js, Web3.js, Chainlink, OpenZeppelin, NEAR SDK, NEAR API-JS, Alchemy, Filecoin.

Optimal Solutions

We use best libraries or custom solutions to for unique dynamics of each chain or protocol we support.

We work with full commitment and community engagement

We also part of Ukraine IT Industry!

Latest Projects


Interactive P2E NFT collectable game with exciting gameplay and a lot of fun. You take on leader's role of the army of zombies and monsters to battle with other users all over the world and achieve your goals.

zomland.com »
Restore Ukraine Together

Many monuments and cultural heritage have been affected by Russia's attack on Ukraine in 2022. We want to restore this heritage together using NEAR blockchain and DeFi for fair work and payments on the restoration!

restore-together.in.ua »

Chats & Messages service for NEAR Blockchain: direct messages, channels, public and private chats. We combine the best user experience, blockchain security, fast and cheap transactions with new web3 possibilities.

chatme.page »
Web3 Connector

Module provide connection with Metamask wallet for ct.js game engine. You can sign transactions, call your smart-contract and use Alchemy NFT API to get additional information about NFTs!

github repository »

First WEB3 NFT contest app. Participate in contests to win a big prize, vote and predict a winner to get rewards. Boost your NFT and discover new trends

contesty.app »

Decentralized versioning Storage: store and manage your files and folders, own your content, use files versioning and share important information using IPFS and Filecoin.

v-storage.atomic-lab.io »
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